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Free energy invented then COVERED UP!

EXCLUSIVE: SCIENTISTS have invented a no-cost, unlimited energy source that could power the planet and prevent climate change, but its existence is being covered up, it has shockingly been claimed

“Free energy suppression” is taking place to ensure world leaders can still profit from the global trade in fossil fuels, an extraordinary conspiracy theory claims.

Many groups claim that for a number of years technologically viable, pollution-free, no-cost energy sources are available for mankind to benefit from, but governments and the fossil fuel industry ensure that they never surface or get used because of the billions made through oil, gas, and coal.

It is also suggested that the world capitalist system would collapse if people were able to generate power and electricity for free.

The theory centers around claims that scientists have invented viable technologies to create free energy, including perpetual motion machines, cold fusion generators, and torus-based generators. and further alleges equipment does exist which can extract useable power from unconventional energy reservoirs, such as the quantum vacuum zero point energy, for little or no cost, but that anyone trying to progress the systems has been silenced or even killed before the power sources were launched.

Annual conferences are held each year by organizations such as the Free Energy Movement, whose key members included the late former NASA astronaut Brian O’Leary, and the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement.

Gary Vesperman, of another free energy organisation, The Orion Project, said: “Many such new energy technologies, particularly those using this kind of knowledge of advanced electromagnetic principles, are considered 'dual use' technologies that are among the 4,000 un-numbered patent applications confiscated in a vault at the US Patent and Trademark Office because of their military potential and the need to keep that knowledge from America’s enemies.”

Dr. Stephen Greer, a US former hospital medical emergency doctor, also involved in The Orion Project, once briefed former US President Barack Obama on the free energy conspiracy theory. He says on his website he plans to open the Star LLC New Energy Research Lab if he can raise $6.3million. He has pulled in just $241,000 since 2014.

He says, “In order to research, develop and bring to the public a practical, working zero point energy system, we need a professionally staffed facility composed of the best engineers, physicists, and researchers in the world.

We estimate that this can be done over a two year period at a nominal cost of $6.3 million for the initial research and development portion of the project. In order to provide the security, support and synergism needed to develop the best possible new energy system we need a well-equipped lab and research facility. The laboratory cannot be opened until the full amount has been raised.”


Audi driver becomes first in space after tailgating Tesla into orbit

Ted Skeat, 48 achieved the feat by tailgating a Tesla car on the back of a rocket Elon Musk sent into space this week.

A spokesman for SpaceX said, “We got this strange signal just after takeoff. We thought it might be space debris or aliens. When we turned the camera around we saw a black Audi flashing its headlights at us. After 27,000 miles it undertook us on the approach to low Earth orbit. As it came past the driver could be seen waving his hands and calling us wankers. He wasn’t even indicating.”

Ted Skeat said, “I don’t care if you are driving the most powerful privately built rocket in the history of space travel. If you’re in front of me I’m overtaking you.”

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A Species Name
for Bigfoot

Dr. Erich Hunter, who specializes in pendulum healing, has described and formally named the animal commonly referred to as “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch” in a self-published document based on the specimen portrayed in the Patterson Gimlin film of 1967

He has called the creature Kryptopithecus gimlinpattersonorum (Hunter 2017). The original species name was “gimlinpattersoni”. This appeared on the cover and in the released print/Kindle copy. That is incorrect Latinization since there are two persons’ names, not just one. The name should not have been altered. But sloppy Latin was just one of the serious problems in this Bigfoot naming ceremony.

Hunter published an amateurish 20-page paper through CreateSpace entitled “Kryptopithecus gimlinpattersoni, A New Species of Bipedal Primate (Primates: Hominidae) From Humboldt County, California USA” (edited to “gimlinpattersonorum” as noted above) that attempts to legitimize this new formal name under the naming code published by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature ( Hunter, who published a Doctorate thesis on the “Systematics of Phasmida” under the name Erich Hunter Tilgner, provides no legitimate zoological credentials to support why he should be the expert to name this species. He is listed as a former alumnus of the McHugh Lab at the University of Georgia, but is currently not working in this field as his main business is as a holistic healer writing books, providing online courses for learning pendulum healing and honoring personal requests for healing at $200 per session. Hunter took advantage of a low-bar that allows for naming new animals.

Hunter states his awareness that the ICZN allows a new species to be formally named (for all time, everywhere) based on a photographic specimen as the holotype (the individual upon which the species description and name is based). Hunter used what was, in his opinion, the “best” visual documentation of Bigfoot as the holotype. The reasoning for allowing a photo in this circumstance will inevitably be colored by your prior conclusions about Bigfoot: if you accept that the PG film depicts a real animal, the naming based on this designated holotype is legitimate. The specimen “escaped”, as Hunter argues, and all that remains of the now-presumed dead animal is the image. He uses Frame 352 of the movie which is in the public domain as the film itself is copyrighted and, thus, private. If you assume the creature in the PG film is a human in a horsehair suit – it falls under Homo sapiens and Equus caballus.

The ICZN does not allow the naming of a hypothetical animal. So Hunter attempts to demonstrate in his publication why “Patty” (as the female being is known from the film) is a genuine animal and deserving of being the official name-bearer.

I consulted Dr. Ronald Pine, Adjunct Research Associate of the Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center at the University of Kansas and the Museum of Texas Tech University, for assistance in navigating the validity of Hunter’s act of naming. Dr. Pine says Hunter simply had to follow the ICZN rules of naming and correctly establish both the new genus and species name he proposed for it to be valid.

Hunter’s publication, even though it’s self-published, is a valid form of publication for official naming. This is a real problem in naming species as many people have engaged in what Dr. Darren Naish called “taxonomic vandalism” via self-publishing in their own journals. Name-grabbing or name-bagging is not uncommon because the first name officially published is the one that must be adopted. As long as the publication is publicly available in print, or in an electronically published scientific journal that meets criteria for archiving and registered on ZooBank – the official ICZN registry, then it’s acceptable. The Code makes no judgment on the validity of the species description or characterization, not even if it really exists! The Code only provides the rules for how you can name animals and which names take precedence over synonyms.

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Are Tech Companies The New Illuminati?

The majority of the biggest tech and social media companies have are difficult to get into, some of them are difficult to visit. And like these secret societies, they have the control and influence of the masses.

Google remains the top search engine in the world. In addition, Google does everything from maps to hard drives and even owns Youtube.

The mission statement from the original Illuminati, which was founded by Adam Weishaupt, is to “lay out a foundation for the reformation of the world.” Weishaupt, as well as nine other members, wanted to take over the world.

In comparison, Google’s latest mission statement is to “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” The Freemasons and the Illuminati are believed to have the power to control the masses. Google has control of the data.

Google knows everything and can assume what you are looking for based on the few words that are typed in the Google search. Google even has Facebook photo’s stored on its search engine. Google currently owns over 200 companies.

However, unlike these secret societies, Google headquarters don’t have a secret location. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t difficult to into. If anyone wants to tour the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA, they must know someone who works there.

And getting a job at Google is not a breeze. Google receives over 3 million applicants a year. Only 0.2 percent of those people end up working at Google. Only the best can work at the top search engine company.

The Apple company continues to be the top tech company in the world. Apple currently ranks in third place among the Fortune 500 companies. And like Google, Apple has a huge following with the latest MacBook’s and iPhones.

Apple is also known for being the most secretive companies in the world. The company makes its employees sign non-disclosure contracts in order to keep their ideas a secret.

Apple tracks what their employees post on their social media accounts, they are not allowed to talk to the press. Apple has even gone as far as to take legal action against its employees for letting information out.

The public relations group for Apple is an extremely tight group. Nothing gets into the public until the PR group has looked at the product.

Apple did catch heavy criticisms when the company slowed down the data from older phones in order to get people to by the latest iPhone. This is another example of a company controlling the masses like the secret societies are accused of doing.

Joining the Illuminati was a long process. It could take months to be an official member. For the lucky ones who can get an interview with Apple and Google, the interview process could take days or months in order to be considered.

Facebook is the number ranked social media platform in the world. Conspiracy theorists have accused CEO Mark Zuckerberg of being part of a secret society or the CIA. These claims have yet to be confirmed.

On May 31, 2010, a “Quit Facebook Day” was issued because of privacy concerns. Facebook would use data from accounts to help promote profile photos to use on Billboards.

In today’s society, data is more valuable than money. Owning data is like owning souls. Google, Facebook, and Apple are only 3 of the tech giants that own souls. Be mindful and cautious next to time you log on to Facebook and post your life away. Be mindful of what your Apple product is doing when you're asleep, be careful of the website you visit as Google tracks everything.

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